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Consultant Services available:

A. All Sports Medicine oriented problems (i.e. Concussion, exercise prescription, marathon/running medicine, Orthopedic evaluations/expertise, recovery from physical injury -- sport incurred or otherwise)

B. All Internal Medicine oriented problems (i.e. Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Womens Health)

C. All Preventative Medicine oriented matters (i.e. Obesity management, anti-cancer education, slowing down the aging process)

D. Comprehensive analysis and review of test results (i.e. blood, urine tests), imaging (x-rays, CT/MRI) and studies of all sorts (i.e. EKG)

E. Wellness Advisor:

 -- Stress management (reduction techniques, direction per dangers and channeling restorative effects)

 -- Weight management (direction regarding goals relating to weight loss or gain)

 -- Health and nutritional recommendations (Sport oriented or otherwise)

F. Regenerative medicine expertise (i.e. direction per use of PRP and mesenchymal stem cell treatments)

G. Integrative medicine (Ayurvedic and Greater Asian practices {i.e. Acupressure, Meditative techniques and mindfulness} done in concert with Western Medicine); application of emotional intelligence and spiritual practices (i.e. yoga) to optimize health balance

H. Navigation of medical oriented matters through health care system (regardless of complexity)

I. Medical expert witness

J. Medical Education oriented matters -- direction regarding application to medical school and post doctoral programs {speciality residencies, sub-speciality fellowship programs} including recommendations per the most efficient investment of time, rotations and resource/money allocation to achieve admission goals

Fees vary per nature of request and will be confirmed upon review of the same




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